A New Age Talking

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I made a conscious effort this year not to make a long list of new year’s resolutions partly because I couldn’t face the feeling of failure when come mid January I hadn’t necessarily stuck to them but also because there wasn’t really anything different I wanted to resolve to do just because it was the new year.

At the end of January I celebrated my 36th birthday and found myself mentally ‘taking stock’ of where I am now in my life, what it has taken to get here and where I want to be by my next birthday. So I guess setting resolutions of a sort?!

My 30’s have involved massive life changes – marriage, kids, new career, new city and as I enter the latter half of this momentous decade I resolve to take ownership and control of my destiny, to not be governed by circumstance to celebrate imperfection and above all else to laugh more.

I came across a fantastic website via a fabulous and inspirational fellow coach it’s www.marcandangel.com here you will find all sorts of thought-provoking and practical tips for life. I urge you to take a look, ‘positive affirmations’ may not be your ‘thing’ but I challenge you not to find something that gets you thinking. My current favourite is ’30 things to start doing for yourself’ … so let the laughter commence!