Feeling Inspired

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I am featured in the latest issue of Marie Claire magazine. I worked with a team of other ‘experts’ to help a woman who had been made redundant take stock, re-build her confidence, and move forward positively. I think this whole issue of Marie Claire is truly powerful and inspiring and entertaining, not something I thought I would ever honestly say of a whole issue of women’s glossy magazine but it is true!

The issue features the usual fashion and gossip but also insightful features on the forthcoming election, inspirational women, and a new mentoring campaign giving women the chance to be mentored by some of the most inspiring and influential women in the country.

The whole experience and seeing the whole issue in print got me thinking about how important it is to surround oneself with the right people. Not necessarily the most successful – after all success is relative.  But with people who for whatever reason inspire, motivate, challenge and support us. These are my triggers for ‘success’, yours may be different.  However, above all else what I’m trying to highlight is how important it is to be in an environment and around people who help us be our best without fear and without judgement – In this sort of environment we can be free. I think this can be said for all areas of one’s life.  For me, this kind of freedom paves the way for creativity, joy and fulfilment.

So, my request to you reading this is take some time to think about how you can create the environment where you can be at your best.  What would it look like? Who would be in it? Build the picture in your mind and in your heart and then go out and create it for real.

My final request to you all male/female is to go out and buy the latest issue of Marie Claire (May 2010) – it’s a really good read!