Roger’s Round Up

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In the period between Christmas and New Year I watched in amusement at the numerous “round ups” – best ads, worst ads, best toys, worst toys, best TV moments, worst TV moments and before that  Sports Personality of the Year, Celebrity of the Year and it got me thinking about my own personal “round up” of 2010.  Rather than making a list, I decided as 2010 drew to a close I would just celebrate the truly momentous year it was for all the good times and all the learning experiences. And, to make my mark on the sand (quite literally in Devon) of all the achievements I want to attain in my life as a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, businesswoman and coach.

I have found that making these personal pledges has given me a real sense of focus and peace for this New Year.

I invite you to try it, see what opens up for you…

A friend posted the following update on Facebook towards the end of last year and it really struck something for me.

Tips 4 2011……

Don’t wait 4 love, feel it!

Don’t wait 4 money, earn it!

Don’t wait 4 a path, find it!

Don’t wait 4 opportunity, create it!

Don’t go for less, get the best!

Don’t compare, be unique!

Don’t avoid failure, use it!

Don’t dwell on mistakes, learn from it!

Don’t back down, go around!

Don’t close your mind, open your mind!

Don’t run from life, embrace and enjoy it!

Don’t just read this, Share it!

A Blessed 2011 4 all.x