Seizing the Day

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Back in September I sold my car and bought a bike. I decided I would be healthy, do my bit for the environment and for my bank balance. Probably the worst time to sell my car as since then the school & nursery run has been a catalogue of rain, tantrums, rain, tears, rain and arguments tinged with some joy. I should add that I do have use of my husband’s car, which has now become the family car so it’s not all bad. Anyway, my bike has not had too much use and my excuse has been that I have to guide my 3 year old on her bike/scooter or, I have to take her in the pushchair. The truth is somewhere between those reasons and my passionate dislike for my cycle helmet! So, I haven’t ridden my bike since November.

Today, a beautiful sunny day which for the first time in what feels like an age it is forecast to be dry. The car was on the drive so couldn’t really resist quickly and conveniently dropping the kids off in it, I came home, spoke to a client and thought I would take advantage of this spring day, feed my blogging inspiration and work for the rest of the morning out of the house. I also decided to cycle. So, I dusted off my lovely bike and dreaded helmet and headed to my favourite local café to sit, people watch and off course work.

The 10 minute cycle started off a bit wobbly and rusty but was lovely once I gathered some momentum, and I actually felt strangely liberated.

So what?

The point of this blog, well, it’s an indulgent share really, as today I really feel like I have seized the day, got on my bike, taken advantage of the weather and my freedom as a self employed person to please myself and it felt really good!