Tech Pixies: Self Belief

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The first cohort of Tech Pixies – the programme started last year in Oxfordshire for women who have been out of work for between 6 months and 16 years – has come to an end. It has been an enriching and fulfilling experience objectively observing the journey that some women take after they have taken a break from their careers.

The group coaching sessions were structured with themes including work life flow, mindset, self-care and relationships. The individual coaching sessions served to meet the individual’s needs. Each of the women has been on a markedly different journey from start to finish, but the common theme for each of them has been one of re-discovery of skills, talents and passions previously overlooked.

For most of the women the completion of this phase of the programme signals a new phase in their growth and development. Here is what they said:


“…supportive and safe whilst challenging all at the same time…”

“…focus on remembering to nurture yourself…”

“I gave myself permission to visualise where I wanted my life to go and to make choices that would steer me in that direction.”


The first cohort of the TechPixies programme was funded by the Government Equalities Office and Better Broadband for Oxfordshire via the Oxfordshire County Council. Its principle aim was to help women in Oxfordshire get back to work. A second cohort will begin later this year.

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