‘Jess has made a huge difference to my outlook on life in such a short space of time! Her coaching is thoughtful and friendly and always with my very best interests in mind. She’s reminded me of what counts in life and given me tools to try to attain such things surprising, engaging, in fact just brilliant!’

Caroline, Academic

“The answer is within you, the solution is closer than you think. Draw strength from knowing yourself, you are your greatest asset in this world. Jessica helped me to realise this and discover who I was, what laid at the centre of my being; what was really important to me? From this place, I can make confident decisions, feel comfortable with who I am and inspire others to feel the same way about themselves”

Helen, PA

“I approached Jess, and asked her to help me in the capacity of Business Coach, rather than Life Coach; With her help, and in only 4 months, I have progressed rapidly towards franchising my business, and Jess has been with me with help, advice, encouragement, and empathy, every step of the way.”

Jane, Director

“Jess is incredibly perceptive and as she (patiently) got to the bottom of my concerns and then helped me to find a way through them. She gave me plenty of challenge, which is what I needed to shift my thinking and get me moving towards my new goals.”

Mark, Training Company Director

“Jess facilitates our sessions with empathy and confidence and her natural ability to constructively challenge helps direct positive actions towards change. Our conversations to date have reignited my personal ambition and have left me feeling excited and enthused”

Nicola, Full Time Mum

“Talking to Jessica was like someone handing me the magic key, it is now up to me! I would recommend Jessica to anyone and actually already have!”

Hayley, Entrepreneur

“By the end of our first session Jess had already figured out what makes me tick; it was like having a mirror held in front of me – powerful stuff. I found our sessions supportive and safe whilst challenging all at the same time! Her focus on remembering to nurture yourself was particularly beneficial”

Helen, Techpixie

“I have already recommended her services to several friends, and have no hesitation in recommending her to you – she already has a solid track-record in assisting the expansion and consolidation of small businesses and is building an enviable reputation as a valuable asset to any business”

Jacqui, Kitchen Design Company Owner

“When I believed I couldn’t, Jess helped me to see that I could. Her strategies for managing time, and prioritising the demands of family & work – which often seem to pull us in opposite directions – have been such a great help. Thank you Jess for your expert support and guidance.”

Heidi, Tech Pixie

“Jessica has insight, perception and an ability to cut through confusion to grasp the nub of an issue. Her capacity to build a warm relationship and help you understand your own motivations and strengths is powerful. Working with Jess allowed me to recognise the limitations I was setting for myself and then work out how I could overcome them”

Anna, Business Psychologist

“As a working mum it was hard to be able to dig deep and identify what I really wanted in my career. It was buried so far down, beneath what I thought everyone else needed from me, that it took a while to excavate it. In talking to Jess and responding to her respectful challenges, I gave myself permission to visualise where I wanted my life to go and to make choices that would steer me in that direction”