What the Voice UK can teach us

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I really like the first stage of the BBC’s The Voice programme where singers are chosen for their singing talent. The judges make decisions based on something intangible, on what they hear and how it makes them feel.

Last Saturday was the final episode of the first round and for the third series in a row Will.i.am was the last judge to choose his final ‘voice’ as he was waiting for that perfect voice, the one that would ‘hit him hard’ so to speak, and whilst unsurprisingly, it all came good for him in the end and he got that voice – in true TV style it came down to the 2 very last singers who were both great – along the way he had missed out on some really great singers as he waited for what he saw as perfection.

I saw a metaphor for life, as we wait for the perfect conditions before we do or say something opportunities can pass us by. There’s a lot to be said for going for it and pressing that button. Taking risks and leaps of faith when our gut tells us to although scary at times it can be exhilarating and fun at the same time.

How can you make this happen for you?

  • If you want help or support, ask for it
  • Be clear on the outcome you want
  • Visualize your success, how does that feel?

Like The Voice at the next stage you will be more informed, unlike The Voice the next stage doesn’t have to be a battle it can be fun.

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