When ‘No’ means ‘YES’! And, a Summer Offer

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I currently run 2 businesses, with the first I provide coaching for women who are on the brink of greatness – whether with their own business or in employment – I help them take the steps to realise their full potential. My second business is a social enterprise which provides coaching and mentoring to young people aged 14-19 years old.

Each week is full of its challenges, successes and real moments of joy and what I find is my ability and my willingness to choose how I want to work and who I work with determines the outcomes. One of my biggest challenges is saying ‘no’ as I am always conscious of letting people down. What i’ve learnt over the years is that the biggest ‘no’ is when I say it to myself; by agreeing to people or situations that do not serve me, my purpose and my vision.

I resolved a while ago to be bold and say ‘no’ when my gut and my heart told me to – even when my head was saying ‘you should‘ this in turn has meant that I have been saying ‘YES’ to myself – a far more fulfilling place to be.

My vision is to enable women like me, and help young people discover and pursue their own life purpose.

So what will you say yes to today? This week? This month? This quarter? This Year?


Summer Offer


To celebrate saying yes, I have a coaching offer for my next 5 new clients!

*A FREE 60 minute Discovery session with 3 months of searching, revealing and life changing coaching focussed on you, your values, your goals and saying YES! (*terms and conditions apply)

Call/email me for your no obligation initial consultation.