Who’s looking at you?

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I’ve been self employed for nearly 6 years now and I still get that tingle when someone I know tells me they’ve looked at my website. It happened a couple of months ago, a mum at school who I didn’t know that well mentioned that she had seen my email address on the class list, noticed it was a bit different so did a google search and hey presto found my website. So, what was the tingle – pride, joy, excitement…well, no, it was mild embarrassment, not really sure why. Perhaps it was the roundabout recognition that Max’s mum standing here selling cakes at the school cake sale was a business owner, someone with a hell of a lot to say for herself, or perhaps it was that recently I have neglected my website and didn’t feel it really reflected me and the woman I have become – I don’t know.  Then, my husband, a fountain of (unwanted at times) knowledge made a good point:

“Why have a website if you’re embarrassed or don’t want people to look at it?”

The lights came on and I realised some very obvious – well they became so – things:

  1. I do want my website to be a good reflection of me and my business
  2. Despite coaching and mentoring other women in business about how they market themselves I have neglected that part of my own marketing – perhaps that was where the embarrassment came from?!

So, I’ve been going through the process I have gone through many times with other people:

  1. What is the purpose of my website
  2. What do I want it to say
  3. What needs to change to make this happen

The process has made me feel very self-conscious. I think when YOU are the service you are offering you are putting yourself ‘out there’ in a way that can at time leave you feeling quite vulnerable.

However, what I’ve learnt is that there is a real power in this vulnerability. You are your business, you can shape what people see, you can say what you want, you can change what you want and whilst you may not always be the ‘cup of tea’ of everyone who comes across your business, you can always know you are being true to yourself and those who ‘drink you up’ are getting the real deal.

So, I’m working on my website – the window to my world, shutters to be opened soon!

Watch this space…

PS. I loved Shakespeare at school and read Hamlet for A-Level English literature. I am also a lover of life affirming quotes (twitter followers and facebook friends will know this!). A quote from Hamlet I remember having to discuss in an essay and that stuck with me:

“…to thine own self be true…” – he definitely got that right!